Free Workshop for Sensitive Therapists

3 Pillars of a

Sustainable Practice

Learn the three essential strategies to have a supportive practice with less overwhelm and burnout, better boundaries, and more space to prioritize your needs!

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Psychotherapist - Consultant - Author

Using my innate organizational skills

and acquired business knowledge to inspire overwhelmed sensitive therapists to think outside the box and create sustainable practices that are aligned with their needs.

What You'll Learn:

  • honor your unique needs as a sensitive therapist to feel more fulfilled and energized.
  • decompress between sessions so you aren't energetically taking your clients home with you and have more bandwidth for yourself.
  • ensure incoming clients are the best fit and not taking more energy than you have to give.
  • create space in your schedule for notes, self-care and everything in between.
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What's Included:

  • 70-minute pre-recorded workshop that you can watch instantly and at your own pace anytime over the next two weeks.
  • Digital mini workbook with sample schedules, client scripts, and screening guide for new client inquiries.
  • Savings on the Sustainable Practice Roadmap course to transform your practice into one that's aligned with your needs and has systems in place to free up more bandwidth for what's most important.