Self-Care Workshop for Highly Sensitive People

Unwind the Overwhelm and Feel More Relaxed

In this free workshop, you can feel soothed by relaxation and self-reflection exercises suited to your sensitive needs. Put on some cozy PJs, grab your journal, and set aside an hour to practice meaningful self-care!

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Dedicated to helping HSPs fully understand their unique needs, release the guilt of prioritizing those needs, and start creating a life on their own terms so their Sensitive Strengths can shine.

Slowing down to get enough self-care as a Highly Sensitive Person can be so difficult. You feel guilty for putting yourself first, struggle to set boundaries, or worry about what is not getting done.

In this free workshop, you'll have a reason to set aside an hour just for you to:


Slow down and unwind the overwhelm as you soak up the support of being led through mindfulness and relaxation exercises.


Reconnect with yourself and reflect on your self-care needs through guided journaling and reflection exercises.


Feel more nourished as you identify common obstacles to self-care and what you need more of.

What Others Have Shared...

"This space was safe and it brought me to tears to be with other HSPs."

"This workshop was meaningful and inspiring. I felt validated, calm, and uplifted."

"One of my big takeaways from this workshop is that I'm not alone. Other people think and feel like me."

What You'll Learn:

  • Why highly sensitive folks need consistent downtime, meaningful hobbies, and restorative self-care.
  • What purpose self-care needs to serve for HSPs to feel more fulfilled and less overwhelmed.
  • Identify common obstacles to taking better care of yourself and find inspiration to prioritize your needs more often.
  • Soothing mindfulness and self-reflection practices to use when you're feeling frazzled or overstimulated.
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What's Included:

  • 60-minute pre-recorded workshop that you can watch instantly and at your own pace anytime over the next 14 days.
  • Digital mini workbook with journaling prompts, self-reflective quiz, and other resources to kickstart the process of deepening your self-care practice.
  • Savings on my monthly Sensitive Sessions for ongoing self-care support and HSP community.